Hello good world I am proud to say that this collaboration is something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. The lovely subject of these particular visuals goes to the credit of Jezra. Jezra is an advocate for full figured women across the board and is also a plus size model. She dabbles in the many fields that the plus size community has created out of positivity and love. From hair to fashion, from fashion to body acceptance, from body acceptance to confidence and from confidence comes influence. It’s a domino affect and all of these things are interconnected. Jezra is not just a plus size model but someone who wants to be representation for beautiful colorful women across the world. This project is going to be one of many coming from me and Jezra in the future. This particular project I’m calling “Intro To Jezra 101” and it entails my first experience with shooting with her. I must admit it was smooth and painless. She is someone who works hard at what she loves and knows how to manipulate expressionz to get the right vibe for the visual, I truly dig that. On top of that she is someone who is not only comfortable with her body but wants other women to feel comfortable about theirs. If you want to check out her visuals and her journey visit her site jezram.com and her ig @jezra_m.
jez 5











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