Comes from certain feelings one has about himself as an artist as a black man and as a vessel of culture so to speak.. I am not interested in labels or movements. I consider myself nothing.. I am nothing.. Just some black guy. A nobody.. But when I leave this place I hope my art will be helpful to young men and women and I hope it symbolizes the fact that a black man who is considered nothing sometimes in society can be something actually.. Something much more.
This piece is 16×20 on canvas done in a mixed media technique I call nothing. Hope you dig it and I hope some of my thoughts and sentences that run through my head spark some discussion in your mind.
Thank you.


Excited and proud to finally unveil my newest piece. This piece like all means a lot to me but I have to admit there is something sweet about making a piece this large. It took me approximately 2 nights to finish it and was done with a mixed technique on cardboard. The subject matter of the piece is a scattered universe of sub-conscience thoughts. To me it’s reassurance of my place in this world and a defining moment in my artistry, I’m an artist and I’ll never stop creating. Ever. This piece is called “BLACK THOUGHTS”